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Classic Africa Safaris helps to support this school and if any clients would like to donate to this worthy cause please contact Rachel.

The school was established to help children with disabilities in Entebbe and the surrounding areas. It is a mixed gender school with the ages of the children ranging from 5yrs to 17yrs. At the close of 2009 there were a total of 65 pupils at the school, and an estimated increase of about 10% is expected in 2010. It is the only school in the area which caters for children with special requirements. The majority of the pupils are day schooled but a few who come from far board at the school. At the moment there is 1 girl’s dormitory and 1 boy’s dormitory.

The education level taught is from Primary 1 to 4. The school wishes to extend this to reach Primary 7, but unfortunately they do not have the facilities to cater for the increased number of students.

The day to day activities are run by a team of 6 teachers and the head mistress is called Gertude Nakanabi and has been in this position since 2003.

Challenges to the School Administration:

  • Knitting — currently the school has one knitting machine which they use to teach the children this skill. The children make their own school sweaters, thus helping to lower the cost of the school uniform to the pupil’s families. A teacher comes in once a week to teach the children to use the knitting machine, she can only teach 4 pupils per session. The school would like to increase the number of pupils who are learning this skill. This means (1) increases the number of times the teacher comes to the school ($15 per day) or buying an additional knitting machine ($500).
  • Classrooms and dormitories — presently the school has 4 classrooms and only 2 dormitories. The girl’s dormitory is in the head mistress’ house and can sleep 10 girls and the boy’s dormitory is a single room where only 4 pupils can sleep. This greatly limits the number of pupils, especially boys that can board at the school.
    The school would like to have an additional 3 classrooms and an additional 2 dormitories.
  • Water — the water tank which supplies the school is not large enough to accommodate the increasing number of pupils, the school would like to purchase a larger water tank that can hold at least 1500 litres of water.
  • Teaching aids and materials — the Ministry of Education provides the school with some teaching materials, but there is not enough and they are often of low quality. The school would be extremely appreciative of pencils, crayons, building blocks, drawing books, manila paper (at the moment they use newspapers).
  • School Uniforms — this expense is often too great for the parents of the pupils. The school would like to be able to supply the whole school with uniforms at no cost to the parents. The total cost to buy uniforms for all the pupils would be $450.
  • Meals — the most common meal in many Ugandan school is posho (made from maize flour) and beans. The school administration feels that this meal is not nutritious enough and would like to be able to supplement this with other ingredients (e.g. meat, rice, eggs, fish, vegetables) as often as possible. It would cost $1 per kid per two days for the school to be able to provide more nutritious meals.


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