Imbabazi Orphanage


Imbabazi Orphanage is located in Gisenyi, originally started in December 1994 by Rosamond Carr from New York, USA. Rosamond Carr bought a flower plantation in the Mugongo area in 1955, for the next 50 years she witnessed the end of colonialism, celebrated Rwanda’s independence and became one of Diane Fossey’s closestfriends. Rosamond was forced to leave by the American Embassy in April 1994 due to the outbreak of the genocide. She returned in August 1994, aged 82, to find her home and plantation ruined. She then decided to open her doors to genocide orphans and developed Imbabazi Orphanage. Due to security reasons the Orphanage has had to move locations 4 times, but is now settled in Gisenyi. The flower plantation is still running and provides fresh produce for the orphanage.

IMBABAZI means ‘a place where you will receive all the love and care a mother would give’ – in Kinyarwanda (local language). Since the Orphanage opened its doors in December 1994, Roz Carr and her staff have cared for more then 400 children. Many have been reunited with family members by relief agencies still working throughout Rwanda. Others have grown up and moved on to lead successful and meaningful lives. The Imbabzi is currently home to 110 children.We have one child of pre-school age, 54 children in elementary school, 10 in vocational schools, 41 in secondary schools and 3 in university.

Rosamond Carr died on the 29th September 2006, at the age of 94. The operations and management of the Imbabazi have been passed onto the Imbabazi Foundation, which is dedicated to the continuation of her work and the preservation of her legacy.

Classic Africa Safaris is 100% Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral 2012

As part of our corporate social responsibility program Classic Africa Safaris is carbon neutral. We are the FIRST safari company in Uganda and Rwanda to become carbon neutral, and one of the first safari/travel companies in East Africa to officially 'GO GREEN'.