Lake Mburo National Park


Boat Trips

Lake MburoThe most popular activity in Lake Mburo is the motorboat trip on the lake. A journey on the lake will provide great opportunities to observe mighty hippo and croc populations. Water bird species are often too numerous for even the keenest birder to identify them all. These great wildlife experiences coupled with the stunning scenery and panoramic landscape views will really impress upon you true African beauty.

Game Drives

Lake Mburo - game driveThe best way to explore the park fully is by road. Game driving in Lake Mburo will give the best opportunity for seeing the impala and zebra. These two species are the flagship species for Lake Mburo, because it is the only place in Uganda to see the majestic impala and the only easily accessible place to see Burchell’s zebra. Game Drives can be taken along numerous different paths, the best choice dependent upon weather and seasonality. During the dry season, animals tend to congregate around the swamps and lakes; this is a remarkable photo opportunity – a magnitude of wild African animals with the sparkling lakes in the background.

Guided Walks

Lake Mburo guided walksOne of the most alluring and unique activities in Lake Mburo National Park are the guided walks. This is because you are permitted to walk any where in the park in the company of an armed park ranger. This gives tourists the unique chance to get out and about and absorb the wonders of the African bush without the confines of a vehicle.

Horse Back Safaris

Lake Mburo horseback safarisHorse back safaris are now available from Mihingo Lodge. Horse back safaris are an exciting way to see wildlife in and around Lake Mburo National Park. Without any engine sounds and fumes you feel part of nature and often get the chance to see the more timid animals. Experiencing game from horse back is very special: zebra come towards you to check out the strange relative without strips. Even the normally very shy eland curiously look at the horses without running away, just keeping their distance.

Ankole Cultural Centre

Ankole CattleThe Banyakole community surrounding Lake Mburo National Park have created the ‘Ankole Cultural Centre’ to highlight the customs and history of their kingdom. The Cultural Centre is situated just outside the park near the Sanga gate. A visit to the Centre will introduce you to the traditional culture of the area and the local way of life. Typical village houses can be visited and Ankole guides will explain their people’s history and lifestyle. Distinctive Ankole hand made crafts can be purchased as souvenirs.

About Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is an underrated gem of a park, dominated by the impressive Lake Mburo, from which it receives its name, with forest-fringed shores hemmed in by rolling green hills. Although Lake Mburo National Park is small, only 370km², in comparison to other parks in Uganda, it has a total of five lakes within its boundaries. These lakes along with another nine form part of an important wetland system for the area.

Lake Mburo National Park must not be disregarded due to its small size because it’s mosaic of habitats – green hillsides, rocky outcrops, bushy thickets, open and wooded savannahs, lush forests, striking lakes and natural swamps – are home to an amazing diversity of flora and fauna.

The great diversity of plants and animals resident within the park are enriched by the presence of animals, such as impala, slender mongoose and secretive bush rat, which are not found in any other Ugandan park. Burchell’s zebra is also widely distributed throughout the park, and this unique animal is present in only three protected areas in Uganda, the other two being much harder to access. There have been 315 bird species recorded at Lake Mburo National Park and is the best place in the country to see the gigantic eland antelope, as well as topi, impala and several acacia-associated birds.

Accommodation in Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo sunset

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