Murchison Falls National Park


Chimp Trekking

Budongo Forest is located on the southern side of Murchinson Falls National Park and is protected within the Budongo and Kaniyo Pabidi forest reserves. Budongo Forest feels like an extremely enchanting place,probably in large part to it having one of the most varied forest faunasin the whole of East Africa. The 790km² forest reserve has over 465plant species recorded, more then 250 butterfly species, a large varietyof mammals, including the largest population of chimpanzees anyway inUganda (roughly 800 individuals). Other common primates include redtailedmonkeys, black and white colobus, blue monkey, potto and variousforest galago species. Budongo Forest should also be a sought outsite by bird lovers as it is of great ornithological significance with morethen 366 bird species recorded, including 60 West or Central Africanbirds which inhabit less then 5 locations in East Africa.

Chimpanzee trekking takes place in the Kaniyo Pabidi forest reserve. Chimp habituation started officially in 1992 and guided chimp walks leave at 0800hrs and 1500hrs, however , the guides are extremely accommodating and flexible. The success of sighting the chimps is high, although it depends greatly on the fruiting seasons, with increased likelihood of good viewings of the chimps between the months of May and August. The terrain encountered during the trek through the forest in search of the chimpanzees is fairly tough going with some steep and long inclines to be tackled. However, the beauty of the forest engulfs you entirely as you walk along the well maintained paths listening to the huge variety of bird song and animal calls. The informative guide will talk to you about the history of the forest and help you to identify the rich flora and fauna. You will be asked to observe the group in relative quiet and to not use flash photography when capturing this breathtaking moment on film.

Game Drives

Murchison Falls National Park is said to be the best game park in Uganda. During a typical game drive you can be expected to see a large number of antelope species, including the bush buck, the water buck, Thomson’s gazelle and the dik dik to name but a few. Larger herbivores, such as giraffe and elephant are present in the park in great numbers and often the lumbering giraffe will cross the roads right in front of you. MFNP is the most accessible park in Uganda to see the giraffe.

Watch this short film about how the Uganda Conservation Foundation and Uganda Wildlife Authority are working together to protect the critically endangered Rothschild giraffe in Murchison Falls National Park:

Huge groups of buffalo are a common sight whilst exploring the park on a game drive. Primates, such as the baboon and the patas monkey, stare at you as you pass by and if you are a bird lover then Murchison Falls National Park will not disappoint.

Our Classic driver/guides comment that Murchison is the best park in Uganda to see the big cats (Uganda has only lion and leopard) and these are spotted with increasing frequency.

Launch Trip

The launch trip to the base of the falls is not to be missed. Cruising down the Nile provides a great opportunity to observe the animals as they come down to the water’s edge to drink. The Nile supports the largest concentration of hippos and crocodiles in Africa and a dazzling variety of water-birds. The views of the falls as you approach by boat are spectacular. The Nile first heads down 80km of white water rapids and then at the falls it plunges 40m across the remnant rift barricade at Murchison falls. The launch trip lasts about 3 hours.

Visit to Top of Falls

A short drive on twisting, dirt road takes you to the top of the falls, where you can hear the thunder and feel the spray as the water forces itself through the rock. Views from the top of the falls are stunning and offer excellent photo opportunities.

Delta Trip

A boat trip down Victoria Nile to where it engorges into the Lake Albert, leads you through papyrus swamps filled with wildlife. This trip takes about 4-5 hours and is a must for bird lovers. The Delta is the best place in Uganda to see the rare shoebill.

Uganda Conservation Foundation

Classic Africa Safaris is a corporate member of the Uganda Conservation Foundation whose financial support has helped the Uganda Wildlife Authority to grow their anti-poaching team in Murchison Falls National Park. This is their story. . .

About Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda’s largest national park, the 3840km² Murchison Falls National Park lies in the core of the Murchison Falls Conservation Area. This impressive park protects a chunk of untamed African savannah bisected by the mighty river Nile.

The dramatic Murchison Falls, where the world’s longest river explodes violently through a narrow cleft in the Rift Valley escarpment to plunge into a frothing pool 43m below strikes an exhilarating impression on all 5 senses.

Murchison Falls is occupied mainly by lush and unrefined grasslands. The highest diversity and density of wildlife is found on the open plains north of the Nile, where elephant, buffalo, giraffe and a huge variety of antelope are regularly encountered. The Nile itself boasts one of Africa’s densest hippo and crocodile populations, and a dazzling variety of water birds including the world’s most accessible wild population of the rare shoebill stork.

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