06 Jul 2021 Uganda Entry FAQs from the Civil Aviation Authority

Thanks to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) at the Entebbe International Airport (EBB) for this easy-to-decipher FAQ document (see link below) answering important questions on when to take your PCR COVID test so it is valid for entry into Uganda, plus various SOPs and additional insight.

Please remember that the CAA handles all entry SOPs into Uganda through EBB, but they do not comment on ground operations or tourism within Uganda (other than domestic air travel). As previously stated, tourism is exempt from the current COVID-19 restrictions that were instated on 06 Jun 2021 for 42 days. All tourism operations are functioning normally and without issue. CAS currently has several groups/FIT bookings in-country and operations are going smoothly and as planned. If you want to see some recent guest feedback, email Lyndsay and she can share the latest reports from the ground!

Any questions, please email lyndsay@classicafricasafaris.travel or Hilda gm@classicafricasafaris.travel 



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As part of our corporate social responsibility program Classic Africa Safaris is carbon neutral. We are the FIRST safari company in Uganda and Rwanda to become carbon neutral, and one of the first safari/travel companies in East Africa to officially 'GO GREEN'.