09 May 2021 UGANDA: Updated Entry Requirements

As of 09 May 2021:

Visitors to Uganda who are not fully vaccinated are now required to have a PCR COVID test taken on arrival in Entebbe, Uganda. This test is in addition to other current covid test entry requirements. All arrivals into Entebbe (EBB), Uganda must carry negative PCR Covid-19 test results from home taken within 120 hrs of their arrival into EBB. They must transit through airports without exiting and no stop-overs are allowed en route. The Minister of Health (MOH) has indicated that fully vaccinated, asymptomatic visitors carrying an official COVID-19 vaccine record are exempt from this on-arrival COVID test. This requirement affects arrivals from the USA, UK and other Category 2 countries.  As government bodies are in full control of this testing and logistics, CAS cannot intervene with any pax during the on arrival testing process until they have been cleared from the test facility. We will be waiting in the wings and keep in touch with pax directly, should they wish.

After clearing customs & immigration at EBB, pax will be transported in Civil Aviation Authority vehicles to a test facility 5 minutes from the airport.  The MOH advised us that results take 2-4 hours and guests wait in a designated area. The testing venue offers services including free WiFi, food and drinks in a well-organized cafe (at traveler’s cost), lounge for travelers who would like to rest with peaceful music, emergency services, trained medical staff, baggage handling team. There are also accommodations at the facility (available at extra cost) for any guests who prefer to rest in privacy. 

Additionally, travelers should carry all vaccination cards, passports and online visa paperwork in their carry on, as they will not have access to checked luggage until after they are tested. Contact Lyndsay with questions.



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