25 Aug 2021: Uganda Entry requirement update on arrival testing

Ugandan officials have announced that beginning 03 September 2021 all travelers arriving into Uganda – regardless of age, vaccination status and country of origin – will be tested for COVID-19 on arrival.

This testing is in addition to the required negative PCR COVID-19 test results taken within 72 hrs of boarding the first flight to Uganda. The on-arrival testing requirement, put in place by the MOH, is a concerted effort to continue managing COVID-19 numbers following a very positive report showing a significant and consistent decline in cases after the recent 42-day modified lockdown.

The arrival PCR COVID-19 test will be administered by government accredited labs offering expedited results. Using the online form below – completed prior to arrival – the test costs $55 (we advise that pax pay in USD cash on arrival). This online system will help ensure that pax avoid long waits in the test facility.

Upon arrival at the EBB airport:

  • Pax will clear customs & immigrations, collect their baggage and find the UTB (Uganda Tourism Board) desk near the exit. VIP M&G services are available, please request in advance.
  • Check in at the UTB desk and the UTB representative will locate their online form and connect pax with the CAS guide who will drive them to the test facility, after testing, he will take them to their hotel to await results (anticipated wait time approx. 1-2 hrs).
  • These services are only available by completing the online form and including all CAS info as noted below under ‘travel agency/company details.’
  • We advise that pax complete the form about one week prior to their arrival into EBB.
  • Approved waiting hotels include Karibu Guesthouse, The Boma Hotel, Hotel No. 5 and we are awaiting confirmation that Protea will be added to this list. 
For those travelers not utilizing the online form, the cost will be $65 per test and UTB will not be able to assist to expedite the process on arrival. We request that all CAS Uganda travelers complete the online form so that we can best assist them on the ground and liaise with UTB.

You will be further advised if any logistical modifications are required for your specific clients’ onward travels in Uganda. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Use the QR code to link to the test form or use the link below.

It is important that the form be completed and a copy sent to CAS as your ground handler. Please be sure to add: gm@classicafricasafaris.travel to the form where noted.

Select “Tourism Order” for the correct form!

Use the below details on the form as requested and as stated below:

  • Name of Travel Agency/Company: CLASSIC AFRICA SAFARIS LTD
  • Tour Operator Number (registration number): 1220
  • Company Contact Phone:  + 256 772 642 527
  • Company e-mail address to copy: gm@classicafricasafaris.travel  

As previously announced, tourist visas must be secured online, in advance. Airlines will not allow passengers to board without approved visa documents in hand.

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