Isaac Ngarambe

Popular and versatile, Isaac has vast guiding experience and a genuine enthusiasm for Rwanda, which of course makes him a wonderful traveling companion!

……described as very knowledgeable, and loved their discussions on politics. He was also very good with children which she really appreciated considering the various meetings at schools & orphanages where they had to interact quite a lot with kids. She also described him as her guardian angel because he kept encouraging her when she was apprehensive about the Goma visit especially when their contact’s phone was not available. She said they felt safe throughout with him and were glad he was very flexible and accommodating of their unusually hectic itinerary. They considered him their friend and not a guide/driver.

T. Anne Mize, June 2011

Classic Africa Safaris is 100% Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral 2012

As part of our corporate social responsibility program Classic Africa Safaris is carbon neutral. We are the FIRST safari company in Uganda and Rwanda to become carbon neutral, and one of the first safari/travel companies in East Africa to officially 'GO GREEN'.