24 Feb 2021 Comprehensive Uganda COVID testing info & UWA primate protocols

Arrival and Departure Requirements for Uganda with updated logistics:
  • In order to enter Uganda, you must have a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken within 120 hrs of boarding the first flight of the journey (from the country of origin; your first leg). Pax CANNOT leave the airport(s) at any time, even in the USA or Europe as this would invalidate the test, as per the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority. Test results are required to be shown on arrival at the health screening site (and we recommend also carrying a printed copy of the full air itinerary).


  • In order to exit Uganda, another negative PCR COVID-19 test must be taken within Uganda and within 120 hrs prior to international departure. CAS has sourced a private medical facility that will come to Entebbe area hotels and test our clients. It is $125 per test, must be pre-paid (CAS will invoice you). The wait time is 24 hrs. This may require an additional night in Entebbe depending on your client’s itinerary. Alternatively, there is an expedited test available for $170 per test, must be pre-paid (CAS will invoice you). The wait time is 7 hrs.


  • There is not currently COVID testing outside of Entebbe/Kampala area. We are working to provide in-camp testing at specific locations, but do not feel that current options are reliable enough to underwrite as reliable enough to ensure timely results for international departures. 


  • An additional COVID test is not required prior to trekking gorillas. The UWA has put extensive COVID SOPs in place that are being strictly enforced. All protocols meet and significantly exceed any WHO recommendations for human-to-human interaction. UWA protocols can be found here on pages 7-8.


  • KLM is requiring a Rapid Antigen test for all passengers boarding from Entebbe. This test can be done at the clinic inside the EBB airport for approx $35 per test (payable direct, only) and the wait time is 15 mins.


What we recommend:

 For a gorilla trekking fly-in itinerary only (with 2 or 3 nights in Bwindi or Mgahinga NPs):


Arrive into Entebbe, overnight. On arrival at hotel and pax will be tested (KLM flight arrives too late to be tested this evening). Then, in the morning pax fly to Bwindi (for up to 3 nights), trek once or twice as preferred and fly back to Entebbe. COVID results will be waiting and will be valid as per the 120 hr exit requirement and pax can depart Uganda. Alternatively, if they are arriving on a late flight (KLM or Turkish) the labs will be closed, they can fly to Kihihi on the mid-morning flight, in many cases, and be tested the morning before their departure to Bwindi.
For a more comprehensive trip (ie longer than 120 hrs), including the chimps in Kibale, Queen Elizabeth NP and/or MFNP:
Pax will need 1 night at the end of their trip in Entebbe to get test and await the PCR results. Expedited testing ($170 per test, 7 hrs wait time) allows for pax to depart on the late KLM flight.
This would look like: Fly from gorilla trekking in Bwindi. Test on arrival at your EBB hotel. Afternoon at leisure or botanical gardens visit. Evening room or if standard PCR test (24 hr wait time) then an overnight is required. We cannot currently offer local market visits due to government COVID restrictions.
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