Rwanda Update: On-Arrival Testing continues, quarantine in Kigali is waived

In a statement issued by the RDB o n02 Feb 2022, quarantine/self-isolation in Kigali area hotels is no longer required on arrival in Rwanda. A negative RT PCR Covid-19 test is still required 72 hrs prior to arrival, as well as an On-Arrival PCR and rapid antigen test, however once negative results are received, travelers may continue on with their itinerary. CAS is recommending, however, that all trips include one (1) night in Kigali on arrival should these requirements be reversed/changed as the Covid-19 pandemic is highly changeable.


In summary:

  • Both a RT-PCR Covid-19 test and Rapid Antigen test required on arrival (once the rapid antigen results are received approx 15 mins, travelers are released from the airport test facility).
  • Compulsory Rapid Antigen test required on Day 3
  • Both arrival testing and test on Day 3 to be paid at the airport on arrival or by PLF in advance ($72 )
  • Self-isolation in Kigali Hotel no longer required, however our suggestion is we keep a night in Kigali during this COVID period.   It works best for planning just in case these policies are revised again to add quarantine night in Kigali. 
  • A RT-PCR test is required 72hr prior to primate trekking/entering National Park.
  • Departure RT-PCR test still required 72hr prior to departure.
  • US re-entry requirements may vary and a rapid antigen test may be required separately from the departure PCR test. CAS will assist in this.

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