Uganda Begins ‘On-Arrival’ Covid-19 testing for all passengers

Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced that in an effort to continue to keep Covid-19 numbers as low as possible, all arrivals into EBB (regardless of vaccination status) are now subject to an on-arrival Covid-19 test:

“All arriving passengers (including children above 6 years) irrespective of vaccination status or country of origin, will be required to undertake a mandatory COVID-19 PCR test on arrival at the Airport. This is in addition to the negative PCR test certificate required to have been obtained within 72 hours prior to departure from country of origin.”

All arriving passengers are now required to complete the MOH HealthDesk form in advance of their arrival into Entebbe. Please carefully review the FAQs document issued by the CAA (see link below). Testing has started as of today, 27 October 2021.

What happens on arrival?

  • Approximately one week prior to arrival have your travelers complete the HealthDesk form
  • Please advise pax to select “tourism” as “Reason for Travel” on the form – tourists’ Covid-19 tests are being expedited.
  • Under the “email entry” on the form, all passengers traveling with CAS as their ground handler should list Hilda’s email: rather than their own. This way we can liaise, if needed. 
  • On arrival at the EBB airport, all passengers will be required to go through the Port Health procedure of identifying body temperature, symptoms and thereafter directed to a team of laboratory specialists to take a COVID-19 swab for testing.
  • We recommend that pax do not pay for testing in advance, but rather pay locally (USD $30 per test) at the airport at one of the Post Bank Uganda kiosks.
  • After testing and payment, pax will meet their CAS transfer driver and go to their hotel to await results. Results are expected in approximately 2 hrs.
  • If pax are connecting on Aerolink to an onward destination in Uganda, Aerolink will liaise with the health authorities. 
  • Any tourist who tests positive on arrival, but remains asymptomatic or with a mild case, will be managed in the designated tourist hotels. 
For full COVID related news updates please check our news page. Contact Lyndsay or Hilda with any questions. 

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